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junca platform

Capital alliance with junca Holdings

We have formed a capital alliance with junca Holdings, which operates the junca platform that aims to make the economy and distribution in the Asian region smoother by utilizing Blockchain technology, which is expected to fundamentally reform and innovate in payment, currency, finance, and other areas.

junca platform

junca Platform is based in the Philippines, which has a history of being a key location in Asia where the West has established itself and developed its activities. The platform aims to create a “junca economic zone” in the Asian region, aiming for further economic development of the region through the “Blockchain” technology, which is becoming the new standard for fintech services.

The junca platform provides services based on Blockchain technology, enabling domestic and international money transfers, as well as exchanges and payments via ATMs, cards, wallets, etc.These can be completed through a single application, making it extremely convenient for users.

International Remittance Issues Faced by the Philippines

The Philippines is said to be the world’s largest exporter of labor, with approximately 10 million people, or one in ten of its citizens, living abroad. International remittances to family members living in Japan are increasing year by year and are expected to reach USD 100 billion in the future.

However, due to the high remittance fees associated with this situation, funds that should have come into the Philippines have been diverted overseas.

Crypto Asset Market in the Philippines

The use of crypto assets is growing rapidly in the Philippines: according to the BSP (Central Bank), transactions in the first half of 2021 reached 20 million, a 362% increase over the same period last year. On an annual basis, the value of transactions increased by 71% to approximately ¥255 billion (P106 billion).

Marketing Strategy with ODDS Wallet

junca Holdings has partnered with TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), a government organization dedicated to transforming Filipino workers’ technical education and skills development.

TESDA has established vocational training schools to provide Filipinos with optimal and excellent learning opportunities, and has recently opened a cyber security engineer course and is considering adding new multilingual training schools.

We are committed to expanding opportunities for Filipinos who have learned through the project to become global leaders in the future.