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ODDS Wallet

ODDS Wallet is a wallet for managing cryptographic assets with a security card as the key.The card is connected to the wallet application via Bluetooth, and the card is used to authenticate fingerprints when sending and receiving cryptographic assets.

In order to appeal to users around the world with a view to global expansion, we plan to implement crypto asset contents within the ODDS Wallet to create a platform with multiple lines of communication.Content is divided into four major categories, and various content is implemented within these categories.

card charge

ODDS’ main product, the card, currently (October 2022) only serves as a key for a cryptographic asset wallet that uses fingerprint authentication, but in the future the card will be branded internationally and can be used for payments in stores and online. そして、自身が ODDS Wallet 内に保有する暗号資産をこのODDS カードにチャージし、 決済利用することができるようになり、これが ODDSWallet のメインコンテンツとなります。


The Finance category deals with various financial contents using crypto assets. We plan to attract global users by enriching the content that only ODDS can provide, including general financial content in the industry and using ODDS’ own economic sphere.


Exchange functionality will be implemented within the ODDS Wallet in a future version.

This feature saves you the trouble of having to go to an outside exchange to make an exchange if, for example, you have BTC in your ODDSWallet and wish to purchase a financial instrument that deals only in USDT. This function will be the hub of asset flow within ODDS Wallet.

-Defi Content

Decentralized finance (=Defi) content using blockchain smart contracts will also be implemented.

Listings will include financial products such as staking, crypto lending, P2P and ODDS’ own line of operations.


ODDS Amusement mainly handles entertainment content.

The games include simple casual games that can be played with a single click or two clicks, blockchain games, and more. All of this content can be charged for and played with crypto assets.


ODDS Wallet allows you to manage your NFT (ERC721) assets in a list format.

In addition to the items used in the aforementioned blockchain games, it is also possible to hold items from games that you do not play but that are well-known and have potential for investment purposes.