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Problems in the current card business

It is obvious that the existing card business is so prone to fraud that there is an urgent need to establish secure payment systems: MS cards (magnetic stripe cards) can be easily cloned by skimming, and EMV cards (EuroPay, MasterCard International, Visa INtenational) face problems such as phishing and other frauds in CNP.

There has also been no end to fraudulent use of cards over the years by obtaining other people's card information directly from the card itself. These are the problems that must be solved in the midst of the global trend toward cashless transactions.

The loss due to fraudulent use of payment cards is US$22.8 billion (2.508 trillion yen) worldwide.


What is an ODDS card?

With its unique patented technologies such as "built-in battery" and "biometric algorithm," ODDS Project has succeeded in developing a secure payment card that overcomes all the weaknesses of existing products, which no other company can imitate.

In addition, it is an integrated card with a cryptocurrency wallet function as well as a credit card function. The combination of the project's security with a cryptocurrency wallet, which is insecure to store, provides safe protection in all situations, including loss and hacking.


Four features of the ODDS card

The ODDS card hides the "middle four digits of the card number" and the "security number". This is because if these are displayed at all times, the card can be used fraudulently online without any barriers in the event of loss.

To solve such problems, we came up with the idea of installing an EPD screen. The risk of others knowing the card information except when in use has been eliminated, and the card has evolved into a card that anyone can use with peace of mind.

The ODDS card has a built-in battery and is activated by turning it on before use to display the hidden number and make it available. Other companies' products do not have a built-in battery and take power from the payment terminal.

In such cases, it is necessary to go to the payment terminal to apply the fingerprint, and the type of payment terminal that absorbs the card inside cannot be used because the fingerprint cannot be applied to the card in the first place. On the other hand, the ODDS card can be used with existing payment terminals by installing a battery.

Conventional fingerprint sensors use technology that detects the shape and width of a human fingerprint's furrow, but the ODDS card uses a high-performance FP sensor with 360-degree fingerprint recognition and an anti-fake algorithm that detects a finger's sweat glands, making it impossible to forge a fingerprint.

Implementing the world's most secure anti-counterfeiting technology, the FP Card Sensor detects and accurately detects unique micro sweat glands from the human body. It is impossible to use even if fingerprints adhered by silicone or other means are extracted.

Payment cards with high-performance fingerprint sensors and anti-counterfeiting technology will be equipped with a cold wallet function for cryptocurrencies.

The ODDS project 's cold wallet for cryptocurrencies will support the most coins and tokens of any cold wallet in the world today. It will be secure and protected in all circumstances, including loss and hacking.


Our Objectives

The ODDS Project was launched to protect users' valuable assets from the aforementioned ever-increasing card fraud, card misuse, and hacking of cryptocurrency assets.

By integrating payment cards and cryptocurrency protection systems using our unique and patented technology, we propose a framework for users to conduct stress-free economic activities in a more secure environment and continue to provide the world with new payment systems that evolve with the confidence of technology.

We promise that the ODDS Project will continue to provide a safer and more secure social environment.